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Women Leaders in Nutrition & Food Systems  

The Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective aims to create visibility for Courageous Leadership Practices and those who practice them. Many people working in nutrition and food systems, especially women, are applying these practices. But these women are often invisible, allocating less time to pushing themselves forward. We will prioritise activities designed to make the invisible visible, so elevating women to positions of greater power while inspiring others to join the pathways. This Collective will develop a global database that will include early, mid- & senior career professional women working towards a well-nourished world globally. 

Purpose of the Database 

The purpose of this database will be to:

  1. Connect women who agree with and are working to activate and power up Courageous Leadership Practices:

    • To help support & elevate each other

    • To spread these practices

  2. Help governments, non-government organisations, scientists, universities, research institutions, political institutions, conference organizers and journal editors to identify appropriately qualified women working towards a well-nourished world, e.g.:

    • As candidates for professorships and other positions

    • To speak at conferences and in seminar programmes

    • To participate in advisory groups, on monitoring panels, committees and commissions

    • To review manuscripts, write commissioned reviews, and serve on the editorial boards of journals (or serve on journal editorial boards).

Database Eligibility Criteria 

Participants will be: 

  • Early career, mid-career, and senior career professional women working towards a well-nourished world who have attended a Forum (via invitation through existing & growing Next Gen(D)eration Leadership network).

  • Willing to be recommended for purpose (1) above

  • Required to make the commitment: "I will do my utmost to apply Courageous Leadership Practices in my work , support colleagues to do so, and call out structural barriers to applying them when necessary." Note that making this commitment does not mean you will be successful, but is a reflection of agreeing to the spirit of these practices and a commitment to reflecting on them regularly in your work and life.

  • Share insights about leadership on an occasional basis through the Next Gen(D)eration Collective Leadership ChangeMaker Connect Forums.

If you fit these criteria, you are encouraged to submit your information to the database.

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