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About our ChangeMaker Connect Forums

What are the ChangeMaker Connect Forums?

They are virtual gatherings of women navigating leadership in nutrition and food systems at all levels including early career, mid career and senior career, whose work aims to contribute to a well-nourished world. Chaired by a member of the Next Gen(D)eration leaders task team, they involve short talks and small break-out room conversations. The first forums were in April 2021 and they are held every two months. Participants also have the opportunity to meet in small groups between forums.

What is the purpose of the forums?

The ultimate goal of the forums is to build a global leadership collective for a well-nourished world. Towards that goal, they are safe spaces that enable women to connect and learn from each other, to have open honest conversations to lift each other up and discuss their shared challenges. By coming together as a collective, we aim to collaboratively break down both internal and external barriers to the leadership we want to see.

Who gets invited into these forums?

Currently, we are focused on creating a space for women from all over the world who are navigating leadership at any level in the nutrition and food system space. We invite women who support the principles behind our Courageous Leadership Practices and who want to connect with other women leaders in nutrition and food systems, share their experiences in exercising leadership, learn from others and work together to build a collective. Our first two forums included approximately 50% women from high-income countries and 50% from low- and middle-income countries.

How can I be invited?

Existing participants of the forums make recommendations for new participants and we welcome inquiries (see email below). We are building slowly. Our goal is to reach thousands of women. We may expand the scope in the future.

Why are two forums scheduled at around the same time? Are they the same or different?

The two forums are scheduled to accommodate different global regions due to the differences in time zones. You are welcome to register for both time slots, but the topics discussed and format of the two sessions are the same. 

How are these forums funded?

The forums are managed by the Next Gen(D)eration leaders task team, one of whom is paid part-time to support the collective. The rest are all volunteers. We are currently seeking foundation funding to help support and grow this collective. If you have suggestions/ideas, please let us know!

Whom should I contact to learn more or express interest in being more involved?

Please email Rebecca Namara at: Rebecca will either answer your inquiry or connect you with the two co-founders, Corinna Hawkes and Shu Wen Ng.

Are you are interested in joining future ChangeMaker Connect Forums and other collective events?


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