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Powering Courageous Leadership Practices in nutrition and food systems

We believe that transforming what the world eats requires  transformations in leadership. By transformations, we mean shifting power to those who apply leadership practices crucial for change. We term these practices Courageous Leadership Practices. Applying these practices is not easy; in fact, structural barriers mean they are the hard path. This is especially true for women, given that their efforts to assert these leadership practices are all too often held back. The power that women already have needs to be met by opportunities for better influencing decision-making towards a well-nourished world.”


Our solution is to provide transition pathways towards the widespread adoption of these leadership practices, pathways that many - of all genders - can commit to taking, forming a movement to tackle structural barriers together. Our activities thus focus on establishing pathways to advance the application of courageous leadership practices at all levels to enable more impactful decision-making in nutrition and food systems.  Each activity works to complement the other. 

To find out more information about who we are and the principles and practices we plan to advance,  refer to a summary of our strategy For additional details you are also welcomed to review our longer strategic document.

Our Theory of Change

To learn more about our pathways towards achieving our vision of seeing courageous leadership practices in action at all levels  for more impactful decision-making in nutrition and food systems, click any of the links below: 

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