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"We believe that transforming what the world eats requires transformations in leadership. Our activities focus on establishing pathways to advance the application of leadership practices at all levels to enable more impactful decision-making in nutrition and food systems"
The Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective

Our vision is an equitable food system for a well-nourished world

Our purpose is advancing courageous leadership practices to redress power imbalances in nutrition and food systems

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Join the collective to generate and share knowledge about the leadership problem in nutrition & food systems and the proposed solutions.

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Collective Power

Join the ChangeMaker Connect Forums to build the collective power to navigate and disrupt structural challenges.



Join the Women in Nutrition & Food Systems Global Database to create visibility for Courageous Leadership Practices and those who practice them.

On March 30th 2022, The  Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective launched Achieving A Well-Nourished World: A Manifesto for Leadership. Transforming nutrition and food systems depends on transforming leadership. Solutions to poor-quality diets and inequitable, unsustainable food systems exist—what is missing is the leadership needed to put these solutions to work. Accelerating progress towards a well-nourished world is going to take courageous leadership capable of navigating complex, systemic challenges; it will mean unleashing the power of women to redefine leadership and reimagine new systems. This is our Manifesto for transforming how we lead and who leads.

Launch of the Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective Manifesto Session I - Zoom recording 

Launch of the Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective Manifesto Session II - Zoom recording 

To learn more about the Next Gen(D)eration Leadership Collective

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